Migrants at Risk: How U.S. Policies Facilitate Human Trafficking

New article I wrote for Dissent....

"Human trafficking is in the news nearly every day. The most recent high-profile case unfolded when a federal grand jury indicted Indian consular officer Devyani Khobragade for presenting false information to U.S. authorities to obtain a visa for her child care provider, Sangeeta Richard. The diplomatic firestorm set off by Khobragade’s arrest shed a bright light on how easily migrant labor exploitation, in the United States and elsewhere, can tip into the realm of trafficking.

"One might expect that all this media attention reflects a wider effort to crack down on trafficking. But a limited legal definition of “trafficking” means that a scarce few cases have been prosecuted. In fact, fewer than 4,000 men and women have been formally designated as trafficked to the United States. This number obscures not only the tens of thousands of forced labor victims whose cases go unreported, but the millions of migrants who face comparable abuse—just not enough to fit the legal definition of trafficking. It’s impossible to tell the story of trafficking without telling their story, too.

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